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Indulge in your sweet sin

Simply Indulge

A lovely collection of simple chocolate truffle flavours, using white, milk and dark chocolate that leave a lasting impression.

Fruitful & Nutty

Indulge in delicious chocolate truffles made of freshest fruits & crunchy nuts. A selection that will make you feel fruitfully sweet and a tad nutty.

Sweet Tipples 204px
Sweet Tipples

Indulge in creamy alcoholic chocolate truffles. A beautiful selection of truffles containing rum, whisky, champagne and many more tipples.

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Wickedly Wild

Indulge your taste buds in strange and wonderful flavours that leave you wanting more.




Oh Indulge




Oh Indulge is a family run chocolate business, based in the heart of Essex. We produce and specialise in the finest hand-made chocolate truffles and other confectionary products.

Established in 2012 Oh Indulge has been developing and providing a wide range of tempting chocolate delights to all our customers. All our truffles are made by hand and packed in boxes just right for that special occasion. It’s a perfect way of indulging your family & friends in a gift for their Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and for making your wedding day unique and special with a chocolate treat.

We literally stir the pot by hand, pipe every centre by hand, and decorate each chocolate individually, and roll all our truffles by hand. We also use some creative techniques which help us to achieve the beautiful finish on many of our chocolates.


We use only the finest Belgian Chocolate and natural ingredients in all our chocolates. They are made by hand to our own unique recipes, in small batches to ensure they reach you fresh and in the best condition.

All are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.  We also have a dairy free range this is suitable for vegan diets. At Oh…indulge we use the best of ingredients and wherever possible we avoid additives. We only use natural flavouring oils, fruit purees, fresh nuts and grounded spices to create subtle flavour combinations.

  • Milk chocolate: Minimum cocoa solids 33.6%, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, 21.8% milk solids, cocoa mass, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla.
  • Dark chocolate: Minimum cocoa solids 54%, cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier soya lecithin, natural vanilla.
  • White chocolate: Minimum cocoa 28%, sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, 23% milk solids, emulsifier: soya lecithin, natural vanilla.
  • Cream: Lactose free Buttermilk, Hydrogenated Vegetable Fat, Maltodextrin, Lactose free Cream, Lactose free Buttermilk Powder, Modified Starch E1442, Emulsifiers E 472(b), E471, E481, E433 Stabilisers E460, E466, E410, E407, Colour E160a(beta carotene).
  • May also contain: freeze dried fruits, coconut, peanut butter, marzipan, nuts, coffee, maple syrup, vanilla, alcohol, dried fruits, citrus fruits.


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that our chocolates will be free of nuts so you must assume that there will be traces of nut in every chocolate.

Use by Date

At Oh Indulge we use the finest fresh ingredients and recommend that our chocolate truffles are eaten within ten days of receipt (if they last that long). Store in a cool dry place.

Oh Indulge


Simply Indulge

Fruitful & Nutty

Wickedly Wild

Sweet Tipples

Oh Indulge




We at Oh…indulge think wedding favours add that special memorable touch to your wedding day; why not provide your guests with some delightful handmade chocolate truffles as wedding favours.

As you might imagine there are a great deal of choices for wedding favour packaging. From traditional favour boxes to more contemporary boxes, organza bags or clear bags decorated and tied with ribbon available in a wide variety of colours.

We aspire to provide a solution that helps you find and select your favourite box or bag to ensure you have a well-designed and unique wedding favour gift that will be a great talking point amongst your guests!

Colour Matching

To ensure we have the correct colour combination simply provide a fabric swatch and we’ll help you colour match it. Decorative ribbon is available in organza or satin finish but, there are many more options for you to choose from. Good idea! Mix and match colours. If your colour theme is pink and blue, have blue boxes for the men and pink for the women. The most popular colours are gold, silver, cream, white, red and blue.


As each wedding is personal and unique we suggest that you contact us directly to discuss your requirements and we’ll build a quote for you. As a guide, prices start from £1.50 for a basic white wedding favour box including decorations and one chocolate truffle per box. We also do chocolate truffle platters for each table. Postage and packing is an additional cost, but we can also deliver on your special day. Call on 07947646631 or email Ruby now to discuss your ideas.

Oh Indulge


Ruby Jheeta